7th Grade Grade
7th Grade Grade's Fundraiser

Help 7th Grade Raise Support Towards Field Trips at LOGAN Hope School!

Join us in providing educational experiences and opportunities outside of the classroom to students at LOGAN Hope School!

$1,095 towards $2,500

Dear Friends, Welcome to the 7th Grade page!

This year for Race for Education, the 7th grade class has decided to raise support towards field trips for students at our school, help us reach our goal of $2,500.

"Field trips at LOGAN Hope are an exciting opportunity for students to gain new knowledge and experiences outside of the classroom setting." -Ms. D'Alessandro, 7th Grade Teacher

Some of the Field Trips at LOGAN Hope that we are raising support for are:

  • Black Rock Spiritual Retreat (7th Grade Field Trip)
  • The Franklin Institute
  • "Please Touch" Museum
  • Academy of Natural Sciences
  • The Walnut St. Theatre
  • Shofuso Japanese Garden

Hear about some of 7th grade's favorite field trips over their time at LOGAN Hope!

Donna and Jahnee- The Jewish-American Museum

Hey, we are Donna and Jahnee. We are both 7th grade students. Our favorite and most memorable field trip was the Jewish-American Museum. We both like this museum because we got to interact with different games and we got to experience and listen to the different places the Jews went to. We even got to learn about famous people who were Jewish. We learned that there was more to Jewish history than what we learned based on the Holocaust. We got to learn and understand more of both sides so we overall had a better understanding of the Holocaust. This field trip was very helpful and we learned about certain historical events that we never really hear about. We are doing a fundraiser so we could send other students to museums like this one and they could enjoy it like we have.

Logan- The Insectarium

My name is Logan. I am in 7th grade and this is my 8th year at LOGAN Hope. When it comes to field trips, I will always remember my trip to the Insectarium back in first grade. I was very interested in insects at that time and I still am. The thing that interested me was seeing a praying mantis that might have been blue and also seeing two diving beetles trying to kill each other in the water. One of those beetles actually lost and died. Those insects were very memorable. I’m very excited to raise money for field trips so people at school can have more happy memories from field trips.

Sopheary and AJ- The Penn Museum and Chinatown

Hello our names are Sopheary and AJ, and our favorite field trip was the one we took to the Penn Museum and Chinatown. First, we went to the Penn Museum. Sopheary's favorite part of the Penn Museum was the Egypt exhibit where we got to see mummies. Next we went to Chinatown, first we went to eat dim sum. We ate egg custard shrimp and pork shumai, tripe, sticky rice, water and tea. Afterwards, we went to a place that sold sweets, called Ala Mousse. Some bought cakes and others bought drinks. Later, we went to Kung fu Tea, and bought boba, and Oreo drinks. We got to take the subway to travel back to school. Please donate so that we can continue providing fun trips and fond memories for future LOGAN Hope students.

Azariah, Jayden, and Ziare- Black Rock Spiritual Retreat

We liked Black Rock because we did lots of activities and it provided many fun and entertaining opportunities while we stayed there. It was a 3 day trip, so we got to sleep overnight with separate cabins between boys and girls. We had chapel every evening, and that's where we would sing songs.

In laser tag, we had to work as a team and take out enemy squad members. Even if we lost, we still enjoyed it. We played glow in the dark dodgeball. We explored the creek and caught lots of critters. We caught many weird creatures like salamanders and crayfish and put them in a bucket. Later we watched skits and made s'mores. One more activity that we did was the dissection of a frog. We cut an incision in the frog and then explored its organs and insides. Also every couple of hours we would eat food which was splendid.

We enjoyed the 7th and 8th grade Black Rock trip, because we got to get together as friends and it was a very good moment to cherish. Overall, Black Rock was the best trip ever, and we hope to be there next year.