Eighth Grade
Eighth Grade's Fundraiser

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Dear Friends, Family, and Donors,

LOGAN Hope has basically guided me throughout my whole spiritual life. LOGAN Hope has helped me to find Christianity and helped me to trust in Jesus instead of other things. It has also helped change my mindset in a way. I remember at times if I'm doing something that God commands us not to and try to change or fix it. Not only that but it has also guided me to meet new people. Those people continue to impact me today. For example, I met Mr. Matt and Pastor Glenn who both guided me to their church and a youth group. This has also allowed me to go to Living Waters today. In conclusion, I wouldn't be in the state that I would be in if I hadn't come here. I might have still been lost and not even had heard about God.

In my opinion, the best part of LOGAN Hope is the way that they seek to help people. An example of this would be whenever we have projects such as Martin Luther King Day projects and separate fundraisers that we do. They usually are towards the community in order to help them the best we can. This is a good example to people when they see us and might influence to help us or even start their own separate projects for a similar cause. Not only that but the staff helps the students with problems and such. Even if solutions may seem unfair they are for the best.

I hope that LOGAN Hope mainly just continues what it is doing. Stopping things like MLK Day projects shouldn't happen. It should continue to teach these skills to future generations. Also I hope that the school doesn't stop getting donations. Donations for LOGAN Hope are important because they help to keep the school running. Since it is a private school, we don't get as much support from the government. Funds for the school are very important to help with building maintenance as well as books, activities, etc. for students. Without donations, the school might have to shut down and that shouldn't happen. It is an important part of this neighborhood by teaching kids about Christ. I hope the more students can come and have a memorable experience from LOGAN Hope. Please look at our site and consider helping create scholarships so that more students can come to LOGAN Hope.

Thank you for your time and generosity,

Dan & the Eighth Grade Class


Because of LOGAN Hope I have been able to know God and understand who he is. I have been able to go into a deeper understanding of his character traits and how much he loves us. He is understanding, loyal, kind, holy and so many other wonderful things. LOGAN Hope has helped me know that he loves me even though I’m still a sinner. The best part of LOGAN Hope is that everyone is like a close family. We can all rely on the teachers or the students if we need something. We don’t have to feel like we are alone in school. We have relationships and friend groups at this school. We don’t have to be afraid to talk to our teachers because they understand us. I hope that many kids would want to come here and be apart of the LOGAN Hope family.


LOGAN Hope has helped me follow in the footsteps of Jesus and showed me what it means to be a Christian and to follow God. My faith has increased since I was in Kindergarten to where I am now. LOGAN Hope has helped by using staff and teachers to guide me throughout my years here. The support of donors is important because they show us what it's like to help others in need. The support means a lot because our school does not get money the same way as other schools out there. Donors help our school with a lot of scholarships and supplies that we need. A scholarship is a grant or payment made to support a student's education. It matters because some students are in need of support and payment for the school if they don’t have the things they need.


Because of LOGAN Hope, I have been able to grow closer to God. Have been able to rely on him more and understand how great he is. I am able to know that he will always be there for me, through thick and thin. I am able to share my faith with others. I can grow closer to God and others. The best part of LOGAN Hope is that the teachers really connect with their students. They will always be willing to sacrifice their time to help the learning of their students. They care about each and every individual need. Donors are important because they help us maintain our building and supply us with what we need. We are also able to go on field trips that can help us learn.Scholarships are a payment to help support a student's education. They matter because it helps the student learn and pay for their education. I hope that LOGAN Hope can prosper and continue to help children draw closer to God and support the needs of the students.


LOGAN Hope helped me grow in my faith by talking about God and reading the bible. When I was born, I didn’t know who God was. At first, I only knew Buddha. When I went to LOGAN Hope, I learned more about God. The best part of LOGAN Hope is my friends, teachers, and memories. Teachers have helped me get through a lot. I have made many friends and important memories- some memories I love and some I hate. Overall, going to school here has been fun and joyful. I hope that the future students can believe in God. I also hope that they become faithful and make good decisions as they grow.


LOGAN Hope is not a public school, meaning that we don't get money from the government. So we get money from students and donors. Some students can't give enough money so we need support from donors. Donors can be from anyone, people or businesses. That's why support from donors is important. Scholarships are payments to help a student's education. This matters because some students’ families don't have enough money to pay for their child's education. Scholarships help the student stay in the school they want to be in. Without them the student might have to go to another school they won't enjoy. That's why scholarships matter. I hope LOGAN Hope will continue running to help students learn. Teachers and staff do their best to make the school be the best it can be. Students learn more about God. I hope donors and other people will continue to support LOGAN Hope. Those are my hopes for the future of LOGAN Hope. I hope that they learn more about God. Enjoy the school compared to other schools. Have fun at LOGAN Hope. Want to continue to stay in LOGAN Hope. Those are my goals for future students at LOGAN Hope.


The best part about LOGAN Hope is that it gives students a chance to learn and teaches them about Jesus through many stories from the Bible. Donors are important for the school because they help us expand our school for other students and buy the supplies that every class may need. I hope that the school can continue to provide the students with what they need and that the school doesn't have any further problems. I hope that future students will be able to get a great education that they need to succeed in life. I hope that the students will know Jesus and be changed through him.


LOGAN Hope has increased my faith in God through Bible studies, chapel, church, and even going to youth groups such as Footprints. Most of the time my faith didn’t just come from the school, it came from the people who taught me about the Bible and God. For me I wouldn’t say Logan Hope is a school, but it's the people who come together to learn about God and spend a great time with each other. My faith has been important to me because it helps guide me throughout my life and helps me make decisions that define who I am. Sometimes my faith in God goes away. But through tough situations, I am reminded who God is and that he cares about my problems. I would say the best part of LOGAN Hope that I will miss the most is the great times we all spent with each other. I hope that future students also learn about God and to help take care of the school and each other. I also want the students to always remember the great times they have at LOGAN Hope.


The best part about LOGAN Hope is the memories that I made here. There are so many good memories that I can take with me from my time here. The next best things is probably how the school comes together to help our community by letting them know about God and what he did. In general LOGAN Hope is a great school. We are asking donors to help us raise money for scholarships. Many people in our school depend on scholarships. They are happy and thankful for these scholarships and are proud to come to school here because of them. Scholarships are a way to help others out who are looking for a school. My hopes for the future of LOGAN Hope is that it grows and helps the community surrounding it. The future classes of LOGAN Hope can help change the community. I can see the good that is going to happen in the future. My hopes for the future LOGAN Hope students is for them to leave the school learning that God is with them and is real. My other hope is for them to grow in their faith in God.


LOGAN Hope helped me grow in my faith by teaching me about who God is and how he is the only God in the world. They helped me by helping me understand the word of God. They made me feel like it was a second home I can come to. They comforted me when my dad died and when I was in the darkest time of my life. They gave me a new lesson and a new opportunity in life. They are a good school and I am grateful for what they have done for me. My faith is important because I know that Jesus died on the cross for me, even though I did not deserve it. He is the reason why I am still alive. He set me free from my darkness and my suffering. He loved me all my life and he is the only God. LOGAN Hope is a comfortable place to learn new things and not be judged. Everyone loves each other and we care for how people are feeling. LOGAN Hope is one of the best schools to go to because you can learn more about your faith, be prepared for what you want in your life, and learn to help others in need.