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Dear Friends, Welcome to the LOGAN Hope Art Room!

My K-8th grade students are teaching me that mistakes are a part of the process. They show me every day that developing patience and persistence requires hard work and community support. Here is a peek at what we have been up to this school year, we warmly invite you to take part in any way that you are able!

We are designing portfolios and sketchbooks to collect our creations and practice new techniques throughout the year. We also experimented with clay and printmaking this Christmas season, and learned to embrace the mess and unexpected results that came along with it.

Some of our 5th-8th graders were able to
create a mural as a way to beautify the temporary porch support for our building during our After School Program. These incredibly gifted and insightful students showed me what it looks like to take pride in your work and your community.

Making a difference does not need to be a removed and complicated process. It can be as simple as regifting your unused art supplies, ordering an extra pad of paper from our class wish list and sending it our way, or partnering with us through this donation page. Ultimately, your gift is equipping students with another way to process the complicated narratives that they are believing about themselves, their families, their community, and their world.

By partnering with LOGAN Hope,

you are choosing to cultivate creativity

in the next generation of youth within the

Logan section of Philadelphia.

If you prefer to donate by check, they can be made out to
"LOGAN Hope School"

Mail To:
4934 N. 13th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19141