Zane Zovak
Zane Zovak's Fundraiser

Help support another year of Logan Hope’s ministry in the Philadelphia suburbs and provide for another year of education for local immigrant kids

I’ll be running in the fundraiser for Logan Hope and ask that’ll you’ll join me in contributing to the great opportunity!

$125 towards $300

As part of the John Jay Institute, we got the chance to see how Logan Hope is providing elementary education in the suburbs of Philadelphia to an area that has a high immigrant population. They’re providing a great service to the area and teaching the kids about the deeper thing in life too. When we visited, I got to share my testimony and see how much the school meant not only to the kids but to the staff there too was very rewarding. We’re looking to raise money to fund the expansion of the school and especially help with renovations on a neighboring building that would allow Logan Hope to provide for even more kids in the area. I understand that there are many great organizations and groups to give but I can personally testify that any support given to Logan Hope will be well-revived and used for great things