8th Grade
8th Grade's Fundraiser

Help eighth grade raise money to repair and maintain our school and faith!

Please join us on our fundraising mission through prayer and financial support,

$1,907 towards $2,500

A Message from Eighth Grade

Starting off in LOGAN Hope at fifth grade after three years of homeschooling, I've noticed that everyone in class and in the school, as well as the teachers, were inviting and friendly. I didn't feel isolated or that lonely and LOGAN Hope had a welcoming atmosphere. The small classes allow you to bond with others better than being in a class of fifteen or twenty students. There isn't a division among everyone because the class is just so small that everyone has a chance to get along and form sturdy relationships. It isn't just the community that makes LOGAN Hope so great, but also how Christ-loving people can be. Chapel is full of thoughtful speakers to talk to us with a message we can always reflect on. So, when my last few months come right around the corner, LOGAN Hope is definitely a place I'll always miss and remember.

And so--I ask for this: Next month, LOGAN Hope will be hosting its annual Race for Education. This year, in 8th grade, we are raising money to help repair and maintain our facilities and also to invest in the spiritual growth of our school. This community is something we, the eighth grade class, know others will benefit from and before we leave the school, we would like to help make the school safer, physically and spiritually. As a class, we are hoping to raise a total of $2,500. Our goal for facilities is to raise $2,100. We are also hoping to raise $400 for the spiritual growth of our school. We invite you to join us on this mission through financial support and prayer.

Margaret Nov


Our school is responsible for helping us get a good education and develop the skills that we need. We do our best everyday, but we do have some problems that interfere with our learning and that keep us from staying focused. Right now we have a plumbing problem, electrical problems, and a stonework problem. Plumbing issues cause leaks from the toilet and bathrooms that go out of order. Electrical problems cause consistent power outages during class time. Sometimes the teacher has to go to the basement to fix it. Lastly, the stonework problem is causing the porch of our school is fall apart. I want to raise money to fix these problems so that our school is more safe and we can participate in our activities without so many disruptions.

Amber Yim

I am an eighth grade student at LOGAN Hope and I am raising money to help repair our heating system. Currently we are depending on space heaters which can be unreliable and leave us cold during the day. When we are cold we have a hard time focusing on learning. We feel more distracted. Cold temperatures can lead to certain illnesses and ailments. Having warmth will solve all of these problems. Your donation can really help improve the quality of our learning, keep us healthy, and keep us comfortable.

Allen Chea

LOGAN Hope is a great school from my perspective, but we do have some challenges. Recently, there was a break in at our school and some of our supplies, like computers, where taken. I am raising money to improve the security of our school so that we can keep our supplies safe. We are looking to improve our security system getting more cameras, replacing locks, and adding new, improved security features around windows and doors. It is important to us to improve our security measures so that we can help to keep students safe.

Kemari Robinson

In LOGAN Hope we have some problems with the heaters and air conditioners. Some are broken and many don't work effectively. This affects our ability to focus in class sometimes and distracts us. We would appreciate it if you can donate to us so we can be cozy and give our best everyday in school! Thank you for your time and prayer!

Sareyboth Kem


I am raising money with my class to buy Bibles for the students at our school. A lot of my friends and classmates don't have bibles at home. I want to do this because I personally want to help the younger students grow in their faith and also help some of their parents are not believers in Christ. I know how it feels to have parents and family who do not follow Jesus. It can be sad because the students will never be able to tell their parents about God. Having a Bible at home can help us to follow God even when we aren't at LOGAN Hope. At LOGAN Hope we are like a family. We sing together to praise God, we learn about who we are in God together, we cherish each other, and share our Bibles. In 2 Timothy 3:16, it says "All Scriptures is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness." It would be helpful if kids can have Bibles so our faith can grow, so we can help our community, and grow together in unity and peace.

Andrew Son

I am raising money for Bibles and Bible curriculum for every grade at LOGAN Hope. I want to do this because many of us don't go to church. Helping us get Bibles would allow us to learn more about God. Some of us see this school as our church. Every Thursday at Chapel we come together as a school to talk about the Word of God and redemption. I love to see the younger students sing loudly and praise God. They always want to learn more. I want to help provide them with Bibles so that they can do this. I would really appreciate if you could support us and help us learn more about God.

Isaiah Lewis