4th Grade
4th Grade's Fundraiser

Help 4th Grade raise money for Summer Camp and new chapter books for our reading program.

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$1,618 towards $2,500

This year, the fourth grade class is raising money to support LOGAN Hope's Summer Day Camp program. Our program provides students with a safe and affordable place to grow and learn during the summer. Students that attend our Day Camp experience: daily bible lessons, a meal program, daily crafts, a safe environment and develop friendships. We also go on a field trip once a week. One really unique part of camp is the staff and how special relationships are formed over the summer. Part of the staff are student interns from our very own middle school student body. Another part of our staff are mission teams that comes to help. Students get to see how Christ can bring people together to love them and help them grow to know Jesus more.

Another thing about our 4th grade class is that they are wonderful readers. Here at Logan Hope we have a rigorous reading program called Foundations and Frameworks. Instead of having a reading program with one text full of reading excerpts, our students read at least 12 chapter books a year. Because we love to read we would like to replace some of the chapter books that have some wear and tear. With more funding we can even buy new books.

Thank your for your willingness to give to our great school. With your help and God's grace we can meet our goal.

Blessings to all of you,

The Fourth Grade Class

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