Laura Adams
Laura Adams's Fundraiser

Support the 5th Graders in raising money for technology at LOGAN Hope

Join us and help make a difference, please give today!

$2,500 towards $2,500

For Race For Education this year, the 5th grade class wants to raise money towards technology here at LOGAN Hope. Technology is an important part of student learning at LOGAN Hope and it is something that our class would like to see expand even further. Our 5th graders love to use Chromebooks to do research and type up essays. They also enjoy doing a typing program each week to improve their computer skills. Students are also regularly using document cameras and online curriculum programs. Fifth grade has seen how much technology has helped them and wants to see other students at the school enjoy the same opportunities as they have. Please consider donating to help us reach our goal so that all students at LOGAN Hope can continue using technology to enhance their learning!

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping us meet our goal for Logan Hope