6th Grade

6th Grade's Fundraiser

Making our community a more beautiful place through service projects! image

Making our community a more beautiful place through service projects!

Help 5th Grade enrich our community with the supplies and materials for projects to serve others and build community connections


$3,135 towards $2,500

What service projects have you helped with this year?

I helped to shovel the snow during recess time so that we could get back outside to play!- Enoch D

I helped to pick up trash around the school - Bethany T

How does service help the school community?

It makes the school cleaner and look nicer- Victor R

When we shoveled snow, we helped make it safer to walk around outside- Yarina S

With the trash gone, the yard was cleaner and healthier for people to play - Jonathan N

How does it feel to serve in a way that helps others?

It makes me happy when others are happy- Kiley X

It is fun and helpful because as kids people expect us to only play video games. It's nice to spend time with people while we help them.- Sophia T

I like to help people because it makes me feel good- Zykee D

What projects could be done in the future?

We could do something to help collect supplies, like food and water, to donate to people in need - Keithann N

We can help out at places like home care facilities- Delilah K

Join me in supporting real change. Let’s support good in the world and make a difference. Help us create a hopeful future for the youth of our city for Logan Hope

A small donation will go a long way to helping me meet our goal for Logan Hope!