Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade's Fundraiser

Music has helped to promote joy, resilience, and hope for middle school students during COVID-19. image

Music has helped to promote joy, resilience, and hope for middle school students during COVID-19.

Join 8th Grade and help make a difference, please give today for a LOGAN Hope music program.


$2,525 towards $2,500

Help us create a hopeful future through music for the youth of LOGAN Hope!

These are our stories of how music has made a difference in our class community.

Your support will go a long way to helping us meet our goal to raise funds for music resources and programming for LOGAN Hope!

"Music has always impacted my life. I’ve always wanted to express myself in ways that I don’t have to necessarily use my words or talk. I’ve always been the type to lean towards creative art. That could include drawing or painting but music spoke to me in a way no other form of art can. Recently, since Covid and quarantine, I took up the opportunity to learn a new instrument. I took the time to learn the piano. The piano distracted me from the outside world. It helped me process the chaos that was around me and in a healthy way. Educationally, quarantine wasn’t challenging for me but not seeing my friends was challenging. Music is soothing and it makes my head feel relaxed when I feel drained. Music was the only thing that I could connect with. Having a program related to music will help LOGAN Hope students gain another skill but to have another way for students to express themselves healthily."

-Donna Tong

"This year, my class got a piano in our room. I have seen my friends really enjoy learning and playing the piano. My teachers and friends enjoy listening to music a lot. Music is helpful in a lot of ways. These benefits include better memorization, a desire to improve their work, and greater emotional development. Please donate to us so that we can further our music resources. This will ensure that future students are more able to fully enjoy music as well."

-Logan Kim

"My name is Jahnee Lane, and I am an 8th grader. Our class recently received a piano, and we have learned that we are starting to enjoy playing it. I’m not good at music, and I’m still learning, but music has allowed me to attempt to try something I originally wasn’t interested in and didn't like. I think it has also helped me gain a little more confidence. This would be important to LOGAN Hope students because this would help them learn how to have more confidence in their talents and learn to be able to do things in front of others. With your help, we will be able to buy more instruments and be able to hire music teachers to teach us."

-Jahnee Lane

Sopheary Sok- Eighth Grade

"This year, we got a piano, and me and some of my classmates began to learn how to play. I remember when I first saw the piano, I really wanted to learn how to play. Then when I started to learn how to play, I felt great. It was fun, and when I did something right, I felt happy and proud. It was also fun to watch my friends play. In short, I wish that I could see the future children of Logan Hope, and students now to feel the joy I felt when I learned the piano."

-Sopheary Sok

"Hi! My name is Jayden, and I am in the 8th grade. In Logan Hope, both the students and teachers care for the wellbeing and quality of the school. Every single student in Logan Hope is unique and we all have different interests. Something that especially strikes up interest is music. Music is something that can bring out emotions and even relationships. However, no school is perfect, and we don’t always have the materials to support that, but you can help us! By donating to us, we can raise money to hire music teachers and buy instruments. Help us today, and donate to a good cause!"

-Jayden Koam

"Music is important to us and there have been studies conducted by Harvard that show that music can help a person with getting higher on an exam. So music can be helpful also to destress people. So I think providing a musical curriculum for our school is a good thing for future students. Since we are a private school, donations help us a lot. Thank you for your generosity!"

-Azariah Chan

"LOGAN Hope School taught me about God and how to worship him and become a follower of Christ. Chapel is a really fun experience for everybody, but unfortunately, we don't have a music class from the lack of instruments that we have here. By donating to Logan Hope, we can afford instruments for students who love music. This will also help students pick up a new hobby, learn to worship in new ways, and discover what they love and are really good at. It will help students to grow as a person and be more engaging in activities. I myself am currently trying to learn the piano, but by donating we all can learn much more instruments."

-Ziare Dover