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Engaging students and exploring outside of the four walls of the classroom image

Engaging students and exploring outside of the four walls of the classroom

Support 7th Grade in raising money for Outdoor Education at LOGAN Hope!


$1,985 towards $2,500

Dear Friends, Welcome to the 7th Grade page!

This year for Race for Education, the 7th grade class has decided to raise support towards field trips for students at our school, help us reach our goal of $2,500.

Outdoor education is a valuable part of the middle school experience at LOGAN Hope. It allows students to get out of the four walls of the classroom and experience God, each other, and nature in new and meaningful ways.

Our annual outdoor education field trip to Black Rock has always been a meaningful experience for our students. Our current eighth graders had the opportunity to go to Black Rock in Fall of 2019.

We liked Black Rock because we did lots of activities and it provided many fun and entertaining opportunities while we stayed there. It was a 3 day trip, so we got to sleep overnight with separate cabins between boys and girls. We had chapel every evening, and that's where we would sing songs.

In laser tag, we had to work as a team and take out enemy squad members. Even if we lost, we still enjoyed it. We played glow in the dark dodgeball. We explored the creek and caught lots of critters. We caught many weird creatures like salamanders and crayfish and put them in a bucket. Later we watched skits and made s'mores. One more activity that we did was the dissection of a frog. We cut an incision in the frog and then explored its organs and insides. Also every couple of hours we would eat food which was splendid. We enjoyed the 7th and 8th grade Black Rock trip, because we got to get together as friends and it was a very good moment to cherish. Overall, Black Rock was the best trip ever, and we hope to be there next year.

-Azariah, Ziare, and Jayden, Class of 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, we did not have the chance to go to Black Rock this fall, but as a 7th grade class, we see the benefit of this trip and hope to go in the future and provide other classes with the opportunity to go in the future.

"I want to experience going to other places because I only stay home and go to school. Since we missed going this year, it makes me want to go more. I want to do many activities without looking at a screen. I know we missed Black Rock this year, but in the future I want other people to experience it."

-Myah, Class of 2022

"I want to go to Black Rock so our class can learn more things. We can have fun as a class and spend time with each other."

-Azuriya, Class of 2022

Help us support Outdoor Education trips at LOGAN Hope!